DJAV was created to bring high-quality earth-shaking performances. Every handmade hardware and software detail go through a precise, consistent testing in our warehouse by our trusted engineers to ensure there are no mistakes in our products! Our mission is to ensure that the world understands music through high-quality speaker equipment and to feel the emotions of every sound. You will be hearing from us!

Introducing a new breakthrough of speakers featuring L1, L1B, L2, L2B, L3, L4, L1M, L2M, Q1, Q2, Q2+, Q3, Q4, and finally, Q5. We have developed an innovative technique for the beloved crisp, clean sound without the separation of the subwoofer! As how every musical, sound experience should be, we created a design to have a whole-body element that enhances every event in a better way.

Our new and improved Line Array Element model, L series, is best suited for wider range stages such as amusement parks, stadium fields, and musical festivals due to systematically placing the connective subwoofers with speakers in the proper location so that every individual in the audience is able to hear the same sound and share the same wonderful experience!

The next new models, L1 and L1B, are designed to perfectly fit churches, temples, or highly acoustic buildings. Our team creatively found a way to eliminate the harsh echo and reverberation with subwoofer placement, thus establishing a smoother and cleaner sound!

Our L1M, L2M, and Two-Way Stage Monitor, have solved the issue of the unnecessary abundance of concert speakers on stage. With careful design, our team has engineered a way where ‘less is more’ is applicable. Without the hassle of connecting multiple lines to a sound system, our Stage Monitor’s provide a better, more convenient, and higher quality sound production with fewer products!

All our new Q series give the familiarity of your very own home theater! We bring movies to life with the highest quality cinematic surround sound with bass that enhances 2D sounds into 4D motions. These speakers are not only specifically designed to allow you to hear your movie with clarity, but also to give you a life experience within!