808M Two-Way Stage Monitor

High-Output Array Monitor

Beautiful white ? until you turn them on. With innovative technologies derived directly from DjAV® Professional equipment, the DjAV 808M delivers powerful, accurate audio performance and brings legendary DjAV sound from concert stages, recording studios and movie theaters. You get 1000 watts of peak power handling and hyper-realistic, deep, resonant bass – no unwanted distortion or boominess – from the proprietary DjAV 8-inch low- frequency transducer. HF drivers are capable of 20kHz and produce high-end nuances.



Touring, installed PA for clubs, A/V, theatre, Cinema, broadcast, Houses of Worship, etc. High-quality stage monitoring for cabarets A/V, theatre, broadcast, etc.



System Type: Self powered 8", two-way stage Monitor. Trapezoidal enclosure can be angled at either 30 or 60 degrees from the floor
Max SPL Output: 129 dB

Freq. Range (-10 dB): 750 Hz - 20 kHz
Freq. Response (±3 dB): 90 Hz - 20 kHz

Coverage Pattern: 90° x 90° nominal
Maximum Recommended Amplifier Power: 300W (808a)
Dimensions (mm): 403 mm x 276 mm x 276 mm
(H x W x D) (in): 15.875” x 10.875” x 10.875”
Net Weight: 28.5 lbs (12.6 kg)


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